Real Experiences That Entertain, Enrich and Enhance

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 in Travel Blog, What's New in Virginia

Real Experiences That Entertain, Enrich and Enhance

Heart of Virginia Tours offers something delightfully fresh and different for groups: real experiences that are designed not only to entertain but to enrich and enhance. Conventional tours put the emphasis on “seeing.” After an HOV tour, your guests will tell their friends, “You’ll never believe what we DID!” And in Virginia there is so much to DO, so why not do it right???

We have worked closely with talented people in our localities to create “HOV-only” experiences. From glassblowing to chocolate making to marching on a Civil War battlefield, HOV Tours has custom-created feet-on-the-ground, hands-IN experiences that are exclusive to our guests.

When it comes to group travel itineraries we never take the “one size fits all” approach. We’ll custom craft a Virginia experience based on the makeup of your group and fill it with experiences that are simply perfect for your guests.

  • Tour a distillery with a master distiller to see how Virginia bourbon is made and taste its complexities.
  • Make candles the Colonial American way at the home of one of our early presidents.
  • Learn to dance the Virginia Reel with live music and costumed interpreters.
  • Hand-craft your own gourmet chocolates with a master chocolatier
  • Create your own piece of art to display in your home

It’s all about getting yourself out and immersing yourself in the unforgettable experience that is Virginia. Our specialty is experiential tours, the kind your guests will absolutely love – and you will too.

Contact us today (804-678-9750) or ( and let’s get to work on creating a hands-on, heart-in Virginia tour.