Meet Heart Of Virginia Tours

Posted on Jan 11, 2016 in Travel Blog, What's New in Virginia

Meet Heart Of Virginia Tours

The heart and soul of Heart of Virginia Tours is Mary Prince Lewis, a veteran of more than 30 years in Virginia’s tourism industry. From lead group tour salesperson for Colonial Williamsburg to successful Virginia DMO Mary has spent a career as one of Virginia’s best-known and most well-respected tourism professionals.

Mary now brings her expertise to creating Virginia’s most exciting group tour itineraries with experiences ranging from fine dining to digging in a historic garden. Her contacts and professional relationships enable her to create innovative itineraries for groups, filling each day with unforgettable things for your clients. Her guides and interpreters are personally vetted and trained, ensuring seamless experiences for you and exciting and engaging tours for your customers.

“When I founded Heart of Virginia Tours I wanted to do something that would stand apart from the ordinary,” says Mary. “Those ‘I had no idea’ experiences are always a big part of my itineraries. I want the people on my tours to thank YOU (my clients) for the great time they had and my goal is to create repeat business for us both.”

Let Mary create customized itineraries for your groups, filled with fresh, unexpected and delighting moments that your customers will treasure. Connect with her today or 804-678-9750.