Buck Ward and RVA Trolley – Hospitality on Wheels

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 in Featured Tour Experience

You’ve seen them in lots of cities and towns – rubber-wheel open-air trolleys used for sightseeing, tours, and small-group transport. Here in Richmond we have one of the best such trolley companies, RVA Trolley, and Heart of Virginia Tours is honored to partner with them to give our groups fun and exciting experiences in Richmond.

Why is RVA Trolley so good at what it does? It all trickles down from the company’s owner, Buck Ward, a native RichmonBuck Wader with an engaging personality and love for his native city. You can’t be unhappy or unmotivated around Buck Ward. His perpetual smile, enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious – and that sets the tone for his staff. We know that when our groups board Buck’s trolleys they are not only in safe, professional hands, they are also in for what we call a “joy ride.” No, the drivers are not going to put the trolley on two wheels going around a corner. They’re happy people who love showing off their fabulous city. That’s where the “joy” is.

Buck realizes that he is not in the simple business of transporting people. “We are in the entertainment business,” he says. “Our drivers and guides have to love people. They have to have charisma, be articulate and able to tell a good story, to deliver content in a way people remember.”

With the tons of incredible history in Richmond RVA Trolley offers history tours, but t

Richmond brewery tours

Richmond brewery tours

his city is no longer defined simply by history. It is one of the top emerging culinary towns in America – and if you don’t believe us ask Esquire Magazine. The city and region is busting out with craft breweries and wineries, and these are so much fun to visit as a group. Hop aboard RVA Trolley to visit a selection of these, enjoy flighted tastings and behind-the-scenes tours and “leave the driving to us,” as the old jingle goes.

RVA Trolley is also a Segway concession, and if you’ve never thought about getting on a Segway, Heart of Virginia and RVA Trolley will hook you up with the time of your life. “We actually get a lot of multi-generation customers for our Segways,” says Buck. “People sometimes are doubtful they can do it but once you are on one you see how easy it is to get around. Our customers not only have a great time but they come away with a sense of achievement. Hey, I rode a Segway!”

Buck has lived here his whole life and he has a few favorite spots to take groups to. Libby Hill is a prominence overlooking the James River in the Church Hill neighborhood. “That is where the city of Richmond was named. And what a great view of the magnificent James River from there!” Buck is also a big fan of his Hollywood Cemetery tours. “ Two presidents are buried there, Pulitzer Prize winners, governors and senators, a US Supreme Court justice, 28 Confederate generals and also Jefferson Davis. And it is a beautiful place with another great view of the river and its rapids.”

Probably the most rewarding part of Buck’s job is hearing from his customers how much they have enjoyed Richmond. “Richmond is a diamond in the rough. After a tour people tell me, ‘Gosh, I never knew about Richmond before.’ What an amazing place this is. Four hundred years of history, the capital of Virginia, great restaurants, the best river town, great museums, tons of art, just so much to enjoy here.” And happy customers are the best. “We know it has been a great experience when our customers tell us how much they appreciate it and thank us.”

Richmond is waiting to be discovered. We’ll get you off the motorcoach and onto a trolley or Segway for a closer look at the nooks and crannies of Richmond, one of the most historic cities in America and one of the hottest “new” cities waiting to be experienced.