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One of America’s most historic cities is also one of its most modern and trendy. Washington, Jefferson and even Lincoln and Queen Elizabeth II have walked the streets of a city recently named by major travel publications as one of America’s top up-and-coming destinations and also one of America’s best new food towns.

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Dinner and a movie? How about dinner and live professional theater instead? That’s just one of the big surprises found in and around the city of Fredericksburg. Four major Civil War battlefields surround the historic town and George Washington grew up right across the river.

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Williamsburg practically invented the concept of experiential group travel decades ago and today there is still no better place to engage and entertain a group. Colonial Williamsburg has long been one of America’s top historic destinations for a reason: it challenges its visitors to be a part of history, not mere bystanders.

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Charlottesville sits smack-dab in the middle of Virginia’s wine country in the rolling hills of Virginia’s beautiful Piedmont Region. The city and surrounding area is also a culinary paradise with its share of big-time history as well.

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